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Dear Customer:
Hello! Thank you very much for purchasing the products of Shenzhen Ruishengda Electronics Co., Ltd. In order to protect your legal rights, our company promises the following services:
1. Provide lifelong maintenance.
2. Within one year from the date of purchase of my driver's equipment, if the product you purchased has performance failure, provide a free warranty.

Enjoy the free warranty:
1. The date of purchase is within one year;
2. Non-human failure or damage

 Can not enjoy the free warranty:
1. Products that cannot provide valid bills;
2. The warranty period has exceeded one year;
3. Failure or damage caused by failure to use, maintain, or keep in accordance with the product manual;
4. Failure or damage caused by accidental factors or human causes (including handling, crushing, bumping, scratching, impact, high temperature, improper input voltage, corrosion, etc.);
5. Damage caused by force majeure, such as earthquakes, wars, fires, etc.

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